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  • The Most In-Demand Jobs In Pune In 2022

    Pune is one of India's largest IT hubs with many top companies such as Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Cisco, and Synechron. Hence, Pune is one of the most preferred destinations for jobs. It isn't too challenging to find a new job in Pune if you have the right range of skills and centred endeavours.

    Apart from engineering jobs, you can find multiple other job opportunities in Pune. Every year, one can find lakhs of new job vacancies in Pune in various sectors such as law, IT, digital marketing, and even government sectors.

    What are the prerequisites that should be kept in mind while applying for a job?

    You should know certain prerequisites before applying for a job in Pune or anywhere else:

    ⦁ Modify the resume and cover letter to coordinate the work job. Try not to convey a conventional rendition of the resume to each job vacancies in Pune.

    ⦁ Share your work samples with your CV, if possible.

    Experienced working professionals can find a job in Pune through various job websites such as SCIKEY and other modes. Usually, most companies advertise their job vacancies through social media and sometimes through newspapers as well.

    How can experienced working professionals find a job in Pune?

    Experienced working professionals always have the upper hand as compared to freshers. They can easily switch and can find a new job in Pune. Follow these simple steps to find a suitable job as per your experience.

    ⦁ Analyze your experience level

    ⦁ Research the companies that are hiring experienced professionals

    ⦁ Check out their required qualification

    It will be beneficial if you follow the steps mentioned above appropriately. Many companies hire professionals based on their experience level, and they have different qualification requirements for a job.

    What are the latest jobs in Pune?

    You can find many job vacancies in Pune. Some major jobs in Pune are -

    Customer Relationship Officer

    Customer Relationship Officers handle the problems of individuals who purchase their organisation's items. Their primary task is to resolve customer issues just as intended to improve the association's general consumer loyalty appraisals.

    Business Analyst

    It is an individual who records business, cycles, or frameworks, surveying the plan of action or its coordination with innovation.

    Associate Project Manager

    An associate project manager's primary task is to make project plans, set up timetables, and assemble budget plans.

    Legal Associate

    Many law firms hire a legal associate to carry out their legal work. Many startups also hire legal associates.

    What are the current job vacancies in Pune?

    One can find company job vacancies in Pune very frequently. Many companies tend to advertise their vacancies throughout the year in Pune. The following are the latest jobs in Pune as per SCIKEY:

    QA Automation : Java/Selenium

    Information Security

    Node.JS Developer

    React.JS Developer

    Visual Designer Lead

    You can visit the official website of SCIKEY to know more about the new job vacancy in Pune.

    What are the best jobs in Pune?

    The following are the most in-demand and best jobs in Pune according to the latest job trends in the market:

    Law Officer (SIDBI and other banks)

    Government sector jobs such as law officers are also considered one of the best jobs in Pune. SIDBI every year announces job vacancies. They are paid very well and enjoy a hassle-free life.

    Human Resources Executive

    An HR executive plays out the HR division's fundamental elements, dealing with territories like staff, the board, social government assistance, and the upkeep of HR records. It is easy to get HR jobs in Pune.

    Web Designer

    A website designer is liable for making the plan and format of a site or pages. With the development of digitalisation, they are much in demand in Pune.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after jobs in the market. Digital marketers use all the marketing tools to attract customers. As compared to advertising, it is one of the most cost-effective methods to increase sales.

    Which are the top companies in Pune that hire freshers?

    There are many firms and companies which hire freshers in Pune. Some of them are:

    ⦁ Tata Consultancy Services

    ⦁ Cognizant Technology Solutions

    ⦁ Infosys

    ⦁ Barclays

    ⦁ Persistent

    ⦁ BMC Software


    The job requirements in Pune are in abundance. But the only need is that you should have a good CV and the skills for a job. One can easily find jobs in Pune with a good salary. It is to be noted here that an enormous number of new job vacancies in Pune are not promoted, so you should keep yourself updated through your connections.