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    Looking for jobs can be an extremely cumbersome process. Looking for a perfect role that suits your interests and is relevant to the education that you have received can take a lot of time. However, the availability of jobs is different in different cities. Tier 2 and 3 cities have limited job opportunities. Also, the available roles are pretty limited. Therefore, you should focus on tier-1 cities if you are looking for a job that fits all your requirements.

    Talking about tier-1 cities, some cities are known to be corporate hubs. Bangalore is one such city. Bangalore is a breeding ground for millions of start-ups and tech giants, and you can easily find jobs in Bangalore if you come from a technical background. People coming from other backgrounds can also find several job vacancies in Bangalore.

    How to look for jobs in Bangalore

    If you want to find jobs in Bangalore, you can use the internet to search for relevant job opportunities. Visit multiple job search websites to view and apply to the latest jobs in Bangalore. You can look for a full-time as well as a part-time role depending on your needs and requirements. Several job boards keep updating their portal, and you can quickly look for a new job vacancy in Bangalore.

    In case you are an engineer, you can easily find IT jobs in Bangalore. It would help if you kept applying to similar roles offered by multiple companies to improve your chances of getting selected.

    Common Jobs in Bangalore

    You can start looking for a job vacancy in Bangalore. Once you do, these are some of the typical roles to which you can apply:

    1. Machine Learning Engineer

    Machine Learning engineer is one of the most common jobs in Bangalore. Data-driven jobs have seen a tremendous increase in demand. If you look for job vacancies in Bangalore, you will find different companies offering roles and opportunities to machine learning experts. Machine learning uses various mathematical and statistical modelling techniques that aid systems in performing a specific set of tasks independently. If you know how machine algorithms work, you can apply for this role. The minimum payment you get as a machine learning engineer would be around Rs. 6 – 7 lakhs.

    2. Backend Developer

    You can find several backend developer job vacancies in Bangalore. Backend developers handle the server side of any web application. They write various web services and APIs, which are then brought into use by several front-end and other application developers. These jobs can be taken up by fresh graduates who have an understanding of how coding works. Experienced professionals can also take up a job as a backend developer. Among all the IT jobs in Bangalore, this is the most popular one as all companies need a backend developer for their websites. The starting pay is somewhere around Rs 7 lakhs and can go up to Rs 20 lakhs depending on your experience and the skillsets you bring to the table.

    3. Software Engineer

    Software engineers generally look for job vacancies in Bangalore as it is a hub of IT and tech companies. As a software engineer, you are required to analyse the users' requirements and then develop a code. You will then get into some research and write new software and computer programmes which can be anything ranging from a financial platform to HD games. Also, the job includes constantly updating and revamping the existing websites and integrating several technical products. It is one of the most coveted jobs in Bangalore.

    4. Blockchain Expert

    Blockchain is one such industry that is increasingly becoming popular in India. Therefore, the demand for people who have expertise in handling blockchain has increased drastically. If you search for a job vacancy in Bangalore, you might find various roles related to blockchain. It started as a fad but now has become a dominant feature in the tech world. Bitcoin was the highlight of the blockchain industry, but the industry is not just limited to it. The profile might seem a little complicated, but blockchain experts are paid huge sums of money given the complexity of their jobs. A blockchain expert is expected to have an understanding of cryptography, website development, blockchains, etc. The base salary of a blockchain expert is around Rs. 8 lakhs.

    5. Product Manager

    The number of job vacancies in Bangalore has increased due to the new most coveted role of a product manager. A product manager is responsible for looking at a product or service offering provided by the company. As a product manager, you will be expected to drive end to end solutions for that particular product. Also, you have to prepare a market strategy for a product you are responsible for. A product reacts differently while it goes through the various sections of the product's life cycle. A product manager is expected to curate strategies based on the stage in which the product is currently. The average salary of a product manager is around 16 lakhs per annum.

    6. Data Scientist

    Experts believe that Data Science is the hottest sector to work in the 21st century, and you can easily find a job vacancy in Bangalore for the same field. For becoming a good data scientist, you must have an understanding of how coding and programming works. Having experience in machine learning is also a prerequisite for becoming a data scientist. Also, people having a background in statistics are preferred for such a role. The average salary of a data scientist is around Rs. 10 lakhs.

    7. Web Developer

    Humankind has now become a slave of technology. We are constantly juggling between apps and websites. A web developer's job is one of the most popular and desired jobs in Bangalore. People coming from a computer science background are a good fit for this role. As a web developer, you need to know platforms like HTML 5, CC3, etc. The base salary of a web developer in Bangalore is about Rs. 6 lakhs per annum.

    8. Android Developer

    Bangalore is home to several start-ups. Most of these start-ups are catering to the technical side of things. Therefore, there are multiple job vacancies in Bangalore for an android developer. The job of an android developer mainly involves the building of several android applications. With the increase in the number of apps and the number of people using smartphones, the demand for android developers has also increased. You must have a thorough understanding of the Android Studio software and other related applications. The base salary of an Android developer is around Rs. 6 lakhs.

    9. Cloud Specialist

    A cloud specialist takes care of different cloud and storage platforms and maintains a network design for new and existing web pages. Clouds are platforms in which the data of your websites are stored. To become a cloud specialist, you must understand several cloud platforms and related technologies. The base salary of a cloud specialist is about Rs. 9 lakhs.

    10. Data Analyst

    There are numerous data analyst jobs in Bangalore. A data analyst is someone who reads data and comes up with a conclusion. In this data-driven world, the amount of raw data is enormous. Therefore, an analyst must process this data and come up with meaningful results that can be translated into business decisions. The base salary of a data analyst is about Rs. 5 lakhs.

    There are other roles available in Bangalore too. You can search for them using the internet and keep applying until you get something worth your while.