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For nearly 140 years, Beiersdorf has been a companion in people’s lives, caring for healthy beautiful skin. With our global core brands NIVEA, Eucerin/Aquaphor, Hansaplast, la prairie and Coppertone, Beiersdorf is a worldwide leader in skin care. On a local scale, we have strong positions with brands like Labello, 8x4, Florena, atrix, Hidrofugal, Gammon, Skin Stories and FLORENA Fermented Skincare.
Our more than 20.000 employees in more than 170 affiliates all over the world are the reason why we can grow fast and sustainably. Behind each brand, each product and each success are our people whose passion and entrepreneurial spirit make us the No.1 skin care company in the world. And our care has always gone further:
We at Beiersdorf CARE BEYOND SKIN. We care for people and are committed expand our positive impact to our environment, our society and our consumers.
Do you enjoy working for beloved brands trusted by millions of people throughout the world while developing yours