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Dealshare is a fast growing social e-commerce startup, an online buying platform for multi-category consumer products, focused on the new 'WhatsApp first'​ India. Our mission is to target the new 500Mn users in non-metro and rural markets who haven’t shopped enough online and who are still not comfortable on other platforms. These users are primarily on mobile & social media.

DealShare makes it extremely easy for these users to buy in a couple of clicks. Further, it allows the users to buy and share deals with their friends. We offer discounts depending on the number of people purchasing the products. It is a new retail model in which customers get cheaper rates than the wholesale rates.

The idea is around demand aggregation (C2B) of mass market products using social virality, thereby significantly reducing operational costs.

Our Product catalogue includes fruits & vegetables, grocery items, beauty & wellness, baby care, pet care, fashio

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