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Choose from thousands of full time and contract jobs posted by employers across several countries. Make use of SCIKEY innovation in reading your mindset through MindMatch algorithm and identify best jobs for you.  Apply to jobs with "Fresume", the most innovatve digital resume from SCIKEY.  


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If you are not comfortable starting with Fresume, create your account and update your profile the traditional way.

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Explore from thousands of jobs that are increasing every day. Most of the jobs are exclusive and you will not find them on any other job board.

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Features that make SCIKEY a JobSeekers choice

Six advantages over traditional hunt to Automated job matching using SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform

SCIKEY has exclusive employers from fortune 1000 to SME and Startups around the world who look for a Talent marketplace experience with SCKEY.

SCIKEY provides a window to employers to hire full time as well as contractual workforce at one place. This is not a job board, but a marketplace where candidates, Talent consultants, Employers and talent sellers all come at one place to get the best talent for the jobs posted. 

You dont have to pay high price for making an appealing resume. Follow the instructions and quickly make your own digital resume that can be shared digitially as well. SCIKEY automatically picks Fresume completed profiles as the first choice for candidates to be positioned to employers.

SCIKEY MindMatch is a unique algorithm that has been filed for Patent. This algorithm brings out mindset map of the person to high degree of accuracy. The Mindset map can bring out various aspects of candidate's success in life including their liking of the job, their working harmony with their teams and their alignment with their organization's vision. As a job seeker, you get your exclusive report describing your MindSet report and your employer gets to see how you match up behaviorily with the job listed. 

SCIKEY Skill match engine automatically mines all the skill tags from your resume and matches up with every job available to give you best chances of success. You only have to upload your resume or update your Fresume. Rest of the job is done by SCIKEY automatically. 

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform is the only talent engine that takes care of the candidates like none so far. "We will get back to you" synodrome is well taken care by SCIKEY. You get automatic updates of the jobs you applied for and the stages you have been moved into. Even if you get dropped, you would know that as well automatically. You get opportunity to give a feedback and get a voice with the employers and recruiters. 

How it works

SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform has been made for best candidate experience


Create Fresume and/or upload Resume

You can create your Digital Resume "Fresume" without logging or creating account first. Account is created automatically after Fresume completion. Digital resume enhances interest of employer in your profile.


Get MindMatch Assessed

Dont miss your Free MindMatch assessment. It takes just 20 minutes to give you a personalized report and tells about your unique mindset that can help you plan your life better. 100% of the employers like to see a behavioral match to their job that MindMatch provides. If you dont have it completed, you may miss out on some exciting opportunities. 


Get job calls or Apply on listed jobs to get calls

Robotic (IVR) calls coming to you means you have been shortlisted for a job and we are trying to reach you. You can accept the opportunity on the call or visit our portal to show interest in the listed jobs. Those with Fresume & MindMatch automatically get preference for a new opening and are 30% more likely to be shortlisted.


See status of your candidature

Visit your dashboard to see what is happening to your candidature on the job. Keep getting informed over Email.


Get Hired as Fulltime or contract staff

SCIKEY is reaching out to thousands of employers globally to find best opportunities for you. You can be open to take up a full time or contract job to enhance your chances of getting a good employment opportunity.


Keep your data updated & Refer SCIKEY to your friends

You can refer your friends either by directly sharing a job opportunity with them or simply by sharing their email, phone and name on our website here. 

SCIKEY Fresume
Resumes made digital with  FRESUME

On the onset it looks simple, but Fresume gives you freedom to create not only simple resumes that can be shared digitally, but also a detailed one with almost everything you can think of. Right from your pictures to certifications and everything else what a resume should contain and much more.
Create a SCIKEY Candidate account first. Choose from several fresume templates that suit you and change them whenever you want. You can download or share your freume with an exclusive link digitally. In SCIKEY, you get automatically pushed up on search criterion as Fresume is fully optimized for the search employers make. Happy FRESUMING....... 

Fresume Samples 

See how creative you can get with our digital resume!! Choose any one of these templates when you create your Fresume on the platform.

SCIKEY MindMatch
Know your Mindset with   SCIKEY MINDMATCH*

72% of the employers prefer to have attitude along with skills. SCIKEY Talent Commerce Platform embedded with MindMatch algorithm and Skill Match algorithm provides the fastest and most accurate decison on the best candidates for the posted jobs looking into Skills and MindMatch. 
SCIKEY algorithms automatically push candidates with MindMatch and Fresume on top of the search, giving them advantage over others. 
For you; knowing your mindset helps you shape up your career that aligns better with your mindset, making you happier and successful. 
Your 20 minute effort to complete MindMatch assessment is rewarded with a custom report that you can download. 
(*SCIKEY MindMatch Patent filed)

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